Sunday, May 10, 2009

6 Man games; First Golf game; $50 Promo win; SET Victory!

Found the pleasure of playing 6 man NL tables. Man, the bankroll is growing fast! Took a beating yesterday though, three buyins in less than 30mins, but I hit my stop wall, and quit after that. Looked like it was going to be the same today, but I managed to break even today before quitting, thank goodness. But I have to say, playing 6man games seems very profitable for me. My bankroll on Titan is sitting at about $180 right now, almost ready to move up to .05/.1 NL games, but I want 20 buyins which is $200 before I do that (prefer $250 actually, so not sure if I'll move up when I hit $200 or not). Oh, and I played some .12/.25 cash on Supreme, and doubled up my buyin in an hour AND won a SnG and a Cooler tournament. That roll right now on Supreme is sitting at about $400 euros which is nice too. Mind you, my Party and Stars accounts are still very low...Party I think is at <$20 and Stars is around $50. Will have to work on building them up, but its so hard to find the time to do it. I can only but in a couple of hours a day in, and not every day either, but it seems to still be time well spend if the bankroll continues to grow.

Last week, PokerStrategy held a promo for posting hands for analyzes, and I won $50 to go toward my bankroll too! SWEET! I'm trying to find out if I can combine it with my Tell A Friend bonus too and get all of it transferred before I set it up. Right now its a total of $75, which would be very nice right now. BTW, if you want to join up to, just click on the banner on the right hand side. Signup, take the very easy quiz, and I automatically get the Tell A Friend bonus. If asked, though, tell them STR82ACE sent you.

The league held the Season Ending Tournament last Thursday, and I won it again. Again, made a very mediocre season profitable. To tell you the truth, though, I couldn't help but win it with the hands I was getting. Big pockets when I needed them, and my reads were solid all game. We're on a break right now for awhile, not sure when I will start it up again. I hope the turnout will be better though, this last season was pretty weak as far as turnouts. A few times, it was tough just to get a game going. Hoping for better things for the summer though.

Its Mother's Day today, and I have tried to call Mom a few times, no answer, and no answering machine. Wonder if they had it reconnected when they moved or not. I'll try later again.

Went golfing for the first time on Friday this year. OMG, I SUCK! I barely finished the round, I think I was at 120 when I decided to not score any more. I REALLY need to hit a range and work on my irons and short game. Not to mention, I'm stiff and sore since then too. WAY out of shape, but hey, ROUND IS A SHAPE, right? hehe

Ada just got back from another Scout camp. Rained the whole time, but she says she still had fun. Good. Brenda and I went to see the new Star Trek movie last night. Very well done too. The guy who plays Bones was a dead ringer for Deforest Kelly, uncanny likeness. Close your eyes, you would swear it was him.

Well, I finally arranged to get my truck up to Mount Forest for Mark to work on. Think its going to cost a small fortune, but it has to be done. Ball joints, brakes as required, new brake line, exhaust work, general overall maintenance. I was going to borrow his old Olds for the week, but Shannon offered me his Taurus instead, and its a much nicer ride albeit a Ford.

Next weekend is the long weekend, and I'm not sure what's going on. Might be heading to Dave's for the weekend with my parents and Rob and his family, spend some time with Dad, do some fishing, go golfing, play some poker...just spend time with him. He doesn't have much time left I'm afraid, and only God knows when it will be his time, and I want to spend time with him and have Ada with him again too. He really likes my daughter, they have hit it off so well since she was born. Its really great to see how they interact together. There's something special between them that no one really understands, but I'm very grateful for. I guess the weekend all depends on Dad and how he is feeling later in the week, so I will have to talk to my new boss and tell him it could be a last minute decision. I hope he understands...he seems to, at least.

Anyway, enough for this edition. Not sure when I will post again, might be a couple of weeks. See you then.

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