Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tough Job Market

So far this month alone, I've had several job interviews, and all have faded on me. Three out west that are on hold due to recent economic conditions, one local that I actually told them during the interview that I wasn't what they were looking for (and they agreed eventually), and this week, one in Toronto that sounds interesting and challenging, but you could sense the tension the second you walked in the door. Met with the Materials Manager, but only for like five minutes as he had to deal with a conference call, then the HR woman, who did everything in her power to disinterest me. I suspect they have an internal candidate for the position, but we'll see. If I get a call back, I'm still going to do my best to nail it. I have got to get out of where I am now.

So far this year, I've taken a minimum 30% hit in pay. Had the car allowance taken away, and put on a four day work week. Back to five days now, but to tell you the truth, I have no idea for how long. I believe its only because of year end, and they need me to do the inventory, and chances are good we'll be back to four days by the holidays. Its a daily struggle to get materials in the door to start new work, and since my plans go out for a year or longer, I see the impact long before it hits the books. If we can't start jobs NOW, we'll never finish them on time to meet delivery targets next summer/fall. Can't seem to convince the one guy who needs to be convinced though, he is only looking out three months at best (used to only me one month, so that was a small victory I guess). I guess the financial picture of the company is pretty dim. That's what happens when you sign long term agreements with a customer that lock us in at a price that doesn't considering inflation and supply issues.

So I'm still looking else. Doubt anything will come of it until the new year though, isn't the best time for job hunting. But I have to move on. I'm going nowhere where I am now, and there isn't a future for me. Hasn't been for quite a long time, but having Leo getting promoted OVER me was the nail in the coffin about my future here. Time to move on.

Poker game...nothing much to report here. My weekly game has been very problematic...can't seem to get anything going in it. Best hand I had this week was pocket 9's, and raised preflop to have everyone fold to me. Never saw a higher pair, never saw painted connectors, and the only time I saw an ace was with crap kicker cards. Been a harsh season this time...chumped out 3 or 4 times. Just can't seem to get rolling anymore.

The only difference between being in a rut and being in a the depth of the hole.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hated this hand

Man, not sure if I like how this one turned out. Matter of fact, I am certain I hate it, even if I DO believe it was the right move.

0.25/0.50 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Friday, November 21, 2008 3:16:04 PM
Table TH 248 (Real/Cash Game)
Seat 2: OldRknight (50.50)
Seat 4: IOL0wntre (10.00)
Seat 5: GoingGray (95.54)
Seat 6: Almunia (20.32)
Seat 10: rawi84 (44.02)
Seat 1: Zhangsir (34.75)
Seat 3: luisito88 (42.95)
Seat 7: Mjltai (67.09)
Seat 8: experienc (50.00)
Seat 9: FAKTORA_ (50.36)
rawi84 post SB 0.25
Zhangsir post BB 0.50
** Deal **
OldRknight [N/A, N/A]
IOL0wntre [N/A, N/A]
GoingGray [As, Ad]
Almunia [N/A, N/A]
rawi84 [N/A, N/A]
Zhangsir [N/A, N/A]
luisito88 [N/A, N/A]
Mjltai [N/A, N/A]
experienc [N/A, N/A]
*** Bet Round 1 ***
OldRknight Fold
luisito88 Fold
IOL0wntre Fold
GoingGray Raise to 3.50
Almunia Fold
Mjltai Fold
experienc Call 3.50
rawi84 Fold
Zhangsir Fold
*** Flop(Board): *** : [Ac, Kh, Jc]

Do NOT like a lot about this. First, straight and flush possibilities are everywhere. Second, my opponent here is a very capable player, seen him make some nice preflop steals earlier, and when he has gone to showdown, he has the nuts to do it with. Third, I have lousy position on this hand. Just too much to go wrong here, even if I did flop a very strong hand.

I think my mistake here was thinking I could check/raise him on that flop. I checked, but he checked behind me. Damn, he got a free card, and sure as hell, it was the 10c too. Now, everything filled up for him on this hand, but I had to try to take a stab on the turn and lead out a 3/4 size bet. He let his timer almost extinguish before he pushed all in for another $45 or so. At the very least, I had to put him on AQo and he filled his the worst, he hit his flush draw. I was soooooooo tempted to call this bet...all I needed was to pair the board. I had nice outs to boat him, and one more A in the deck, but I was sure he at least that one, so I discounted it.

Hard fold, but I had to do it. Why is it when I get Aces like that, it always seems to come with most ugliest boards?? sigh...oh well, for the session I was up almost $40 anyway, so I'm okay with that for the most part.

BUT!!! :(

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Damn I hate winter. The first snow fall and I'm not ready for it. Only means driving to and from work in the dark, no sun, no warmth...just ice cold winds and extra layers of clothing. And look...isn't that Christmas peaking its head around the corner? Must be, already getting email Wish List stuff from my daughter...sigh...I hate winter.

Haven't played much even online lately. Just don't have the interest right now. Funny how I go through spells like that. Some days, you can't get me off the computer...other days, I couldn't be bothered. Usually right after I hit a dry spell or experience a beat or play a hand poorly that I get hammered on, I just forego the online version of the game. Nothing is more frustrating than online poker. I know I can play this game, just there are times when I can't handle the donkey-ness of online.

Golf clubs are being put away now too, as well as the fishing equipment. Not that the fishing stuff got used much this season anyway. Really need to find something local, but I just don't get out anymore to look. Maybe next season, we'll see.

So Christmas...what do I want??? Oh GOD I hate this part!!!
New tires would be nice
A vacation in a warm climate for 4 months would be better
A full time job wouldn't hurt either...but at least I'm back to a 5 day week next week...just in time for INVENTORY! Blah.

Winter...Christmas...bad beats online...and inventory...can life get any worse??

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting started

Okay, so I really have no idea about blogging. Just seems like an okay thing to do to kill time.

In a nut shell, the title says it all. Three of my hobbies, not much good at any of them really, not pro status anyway, but its what I like to do. But it won't be just talking about those things, it will be about other life things, family, bills that need to be paid...yadda yadda.

I haven't really gotten out much to fish in recent years, since moving to Brampton actually. No place around to really cast a line without a million other wannabees crowding every decent hole. I DID get out once on my b'day this skunked, but enjoyed the quiet section of the Grand I used to always fish. Caught the biggest brown of my life in that hole a few years ago. I got to the hole to find I had forgotten my vest with all my flies in it, and was stuck fishing with the only fly I had at the end of my line at the time. A huge ugly stone, didn't figure it would be much good. But I dead drifted through the hole and WHAM...24" Brown!! Sorry, no pic :(

I started poker about 4 years ago. Always had an interest in it, and it was booming, so I got involved. After a few expensive lessons provided by some much more skilled players, I quickly started to learn more and more and now find that I can hold my own in tournament and low buyin cash games. Still learning though. Started my own weekly league about three years ago, and its still going every week. there's a game for those that demand self mutilation! Took it up a year ago at the suggestion of my boss, to 'promote' myself within the management community. Yea right...he just didn't want to attend any more customer relation tournaments! Never mind that though, I'm finding it challenging and enjoyable. Broke 100 this year too, so must be doing something right.

Just got AA against a early raiser. Blinds 50/100, he makes it 200...I pump it to 600, he has about 800 back. Folds to him, and he just calls??? Garbage flop, he checks, I put him allin, and he calls with K8s??? He had NOTHING?? Wish they were all that easy. Sitting at 4th in 30man sng...just got AA again!!! Hold on! Damn...folded around. Oh well.

Anyway, not sure how often I'll update, but I'll try weekly.