Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting started

Okay, so I really have no idea about blogging. Just seems like an okay thing to do to kill time.

In a nut shell, the title says it all. Three of my hobbies, not much good at any of them really, not pro status anyway, but its what I like to do. But it won't be just talking about those things, it will be about other life things, family, bills that need to be paid...yadda yadda.

I haven't really gotten out much to fish in recent years, since moving to Brampton actually. No place around to really cast a line without a million other wannabees crowding every decent hole. I DID get out once on my b'day this skunked, but enjoyed the quiet section of the Grand I used to always fish. Caught the biggest brown of my life in that hole a few years ago. I got to the hole to find I had forgotten my vest with all my flies in it, and was stuck fishing with the only fly I had at the end of my line at the time. A huge ugly stone, didn't figure it would be much good. But I dead drifted through the hole and WHAM...24" Brown!! Sorry, no pic :(

I started poker about 4 years ago. Always had an interest in it, and it was booming, so I got involved. After a few expensive lessons provided by some much more skilled players, I quickly started to learn more and more and now find that I can hold my own in tournament and low buyin cash games. Still learning though. Started my own weekly league about three years ago, and its still going every week. there's a game for those that demand self mutilation! Took it up a year ago at the suggestion of my boss, to 'promote' myself within the management community. Yea right...he just didn't want to attend any more customer relation tournaments! Never mind that though, I'm finding it challenging and enjoyable. Broke 100 this year too, so must be doing something right.

Just got AA against a early raiser. Blinds 50/100, he makes it 200...I pump it to 600, he has about 800 back. Folds to him, and he just calls??? Garbage flop, he checks, I put him allin, and he calls with K8s??? He had NOTHING?? Wish they were all that easy. Sitting at 4th in 30man sng...just got AA again!!! Hold on! Damn...folded around. Oh well.

Anyway, not sure how often I'll update, but I'll try weekly.

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