Thursday, November 20, 2008


Damn I hate winter. The first snow fall and I'm not ready for it. Only means driving to and from work in the dark, no sun, no warmth...just ice cold winds and extra layers of clothing. And look...isn't that Christmas peaking its head around the corner? Must be, already getting email Wish List stuff from my daughter...sigh...I hate winter.

Haven't played much even online lately. Just don't have the interest right now. Funny how I go through spells like that. Some days, you can't get me off the computer...other days, I couldn't be bothered. Usually right after I hit a dry spell or experience a beat or play a hand poorly that I get hammered on, I just forego the online version of the game. Nothing is more frustrating than online poker. I know I can play this game, just there are times when I can't handle the donkey-ness of online.

Golf clubs are being put away now too, as well as the fishing equipment. Not that the fishing stuff got used much this season anyway. Really need to find something local, but I just don't get out anymore to look. Maybe next season, we'll see.

So Christmas...what do I want??? Oh GOD I hate this part!!!
New tires would be nice
A vacation in a warm climate for 4 months would be better
A full time job wouldn't hurt either...but at least I'm back to a 5 day week next week...just in time for INVENTORY! Blah.

Winter...Christmas...bad beats online...and inventory...can life get any worse??

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