Friday, November 21, 2008

Hated this hand

Man, not sure if I like how this one turned out. Matter of fact, I am certain I hate it, even if I DO believe it was the right move.

0.25/0.50 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Friday, November 21, 2008 3:16:04 PM
Table TH 248 (Real/Cash Game)
Seat 2: OldRknight (50.50)
Seat 4: IOL0wntre (10.00)
Seat 5: GoingGray (95.54)
Seat 6: Almunia (20.32)
Seat 10: rawi84 (44.02)
Seat 1: Zhangsir (34.75)
Seat 3: luisito88 (42.95)
Seat 7: Mjltai (67.09)
Seat 8: experienc (50.00)
Seat 9: FAKTORA_ (50.36)
rawi84 post SB 0.25
Zhangsir post BB 0.50
** Deal **
OldRknight [N/A, N/A]
IOL0wntre [N/A, N/A]
GoingGray [As, Ad]
Almunia [N/A, N/A]
rawi84 [N/A, N/A]
Zhangsir [N/A, N/A]
luisito88 [N/A, N/A]
Mjltai [N/A, N/A]
experienc [N/A, N/A]
*** Bet Round 1 ***
OldRknight Fold
luisito88 Fold
IOL0wntre Fold
GoingGray Raise to 3.50
Almunia Fold
Mjltai Fold
experienc Call 3.50
rawi84 Fold
Zhangsir Fold
*** Flop(Board): *** : [Ac, Kh, Jc]

Do NOT like a lot about this. First, straight and flush possibilities are everywhere. Second, my opponent here is a very capable player, seen him make some nice preflop steals earlier, and when he has gone to showdown, he has the nuts to do it with. Third, I have lousy position on this hand. Just too much to go wrong here, even if I did flop a very strong hand.

I think my mistake here was thinking I could check/raise him on that flop. I checked, but he checked behind me. Damn, he got a free card, and sure as hell, it was the 10c too. Now, everything filled up for him on this hand, but I had to try to take a stab on the turn and lead out a 3/4 size bet. He let his timer almost extinguish before he pushed all in for another $45 or so. At the very least, I had to put him on AQo and he filled his the worst, he hit his flush draw. I was soooooooo tempted to call this bet...all I needed was to pair the board. I had nice outs to boat him, and one more A in the deck, but I was sure he at least that one, so I discounted it.

Hard fold, but I had to do it. Why is it when I get Aces like that, it always seems to come with most ugliest boards?? sigh...oh well, for the session I was up almost $40 anyway, so I'm okay with that for the most part.

BUT!!! :(

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