Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great Site!!

I've added a banner on the left hand side for an amazing learning site for poker. I don't care if you're an advanced player or a total newbie to the game, this site is amazing. is filled with all kinds of great learning tools from beginner to advanced, has an unparalleled video section for all levels, and offers online live coaching on all the more popular sites. It is also possible to customize your education to your wants. Cash games (limit and no limit), SNG's, MTT's, Omaha, whatever you want to learn, its available for you. And best of all, its free to join.

Just click on the banner and tell them STR82ACE sent you ;) You will NOT regret it!

Hell, take the initial quiz and they'll even GIVE you $50 to start with on the site of your choice. How can you go wrong?? Well, okay, refuse to learn to play or use their resources, you CAN lose, but if you apply yourself to their resources you can't help but become a better player.

Saying all that, it doesn't stop the beats from happening. This week, I'm down a bit but after looking at my stats on the software they offer (also free of charge), I discovered that I most of the time, I went in way ahead, only to be sucked out on. A few times I offered played medium pocket pairs and learned the hard way that I should have folded, and I didn't win a race with QQ vs AK all week, but over all, I'm good with what I am learning from this site.

Took a horrible beat at the weekly league game very early in the tournament. I'm dealt AA on the button. Couple of limpers, and I raise to 40 (blinds are 5/10 still, first level). SB raises me to 100 and the limpers all fold. Now, history with this SB is that he is very aggressive, and if he is in a pot, he's going to be play it hard from start to finish, and his range is all over the map. He plays a ton of hands, and often has trouble folding draws. I WANT his raise. Gets back to me and I re raise to 400! Its a big bet, but I'm always happy to take down a small pot preflop with AA anytime. He ponders for a bit, and eventually calls. Flop comes down 862 rainbow so its pretty safe board. I bet out 600 and before I get my chips out, he pushes for another 560. I know he's either got 66 or 88, and either hand SHOULD have folded to my re reaise, but I couldn't pull out, not with that pot. I called, he showed 66 and won with trips...absolutely sick. But I still want that call every time.

Weather lately is starting to tease. One day is very mild and warm, the next the bottom of the thermometer drops out. Typical end of February type of stuff. Every time I head out to the porch for a smoke, I see my golf clubs there, just waiting patiently for spring to happen. Can't wait to get back into the game. Come on spring time.

We might be moving to a new building at work. Had a lot of real estate people coming in this week to look over the place, I guess the lease is up soon and they are considering moving to a smaller facility that isn't costing so much. Found out we're currently paying $12.50/sqft for the current place, and frankly, we're being raped! There are decent places out there for anywhere from $5 to $7.50 that will suffice our needs, and with the amount of empty space we have now, its just a waste of money. We'll see what happens, but I have to think the current lease holder is going to become much more open to negotiations now than the past few years. With this economy, they would be stupid to think they can get that kind of capital anymore.

Anyway, enough for now. Check out that site I told you about...its well worth the few minutes and won't cost a cent. Good luck.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Using the Short Stack Strategy

Awhile ago, one of the members of the league sent me an email for a new site that specializes in using a different strategy...Short Stack. Basically, what it does is teaches you an alternative way to build a bankroll online with minimal investment. At the time, I reviewed it very quickly, but dismissed it as being one of the many bogus things you see online these days, but recently I got to thinking that I need something to get my bankroll back up to where I want it to be. I haven't reloaded anything online in about two years, and although I am glad to say that I haven't had to reload, what I got left with is very low capital on a couple of sites, and because of it, I was almost afraid to play with it at all, because I didn't want to go broke, and I wasn't fussy on having to reload, namely because I can't afford to. I remembered the site the guy sent me, and decided what the hell, especially if I pass their little test, I get a $50 free bankroll to start with from them. Really, I couldn't go wrong, it was a win/win if it wrong, and I would be out nothing. So I read the introduction and passed their little test, downloaded a new software platform, and have started playing it.

I wish I had done this when I first got the invite.

The site itself is not what I had originally thought it would be at all. There is a TON of great information on it including coaching videos, tutorials, and a forum to ask questions and review, and the people are truly helpful. Their goal is to TEACH YOU, the new player, the way to build a bankroll, manage it, and by doing so, have fun and make profit. Its been a great resource for me recently, and I'm on it a lot more than some of the other forums I've been on for a lot longer time as I am very keen in the information it has and the people running it are very helpful. They truly do want to make you a better player and help build your bankroll from the ground up.

The strategy itself is simple. You start on a table with a very small stack (20bb's) and if you build it on the table to 25bb's you leave the table. If you fall to 15bb's you reload back up to 20bb's only and continue playing. They offer you a starting hand chart to use, and if you use it religiously and follow it to the letter, you will come out ahead in the long run. Sure you're going to have those times when you can't win, but they really stress the long term goals and to stay focused on them instead of the short term swings. I've only started this new system this week, and its already making me a better cash game player, and I'm excited to continue with it over the next three months in order to clear my bonus and move up. The number one thing this site tries to teach is proper bankroll management and not to over extend yourself. Alot of other sites talk about it, but this is by far the best site that really explains it in great detail. My goal is to continue playing this way until I clear my bonuses on the new site, and see how my bankroll survives using this and ONLY this strategy to the letter. I'm starting very low because the free $50 is only enough to play the lowest limits, and its what they suggest as well, in order to play the proper way with the strategy and using their guidelines. I'm excited about this, and will dedicate myself on this one site for the next while.

Its not the easy though at first, mostly because the starting hand chart they offer is very very restrictive, and its like teaching an old dog (me) a new trick. Its so tempting to play the way I always have and forget the guidelines of the new system, but I'm making it happen. I'm forcing myself to play by their rules, and its more difficult than I first thought it would be. But I want my long term goal of building a bankroll properly to come to realization and I believe this will do it for me. Once I do that and clear the bonuses on this new site, I'm going to use the system on the other platforms I usually play on and do the same thing with those accounts until I have a nice new bankroll to rely on. After that, its bankroll management all the way.

If you're reading this blog, and want a link or more info, simple post a comment here and I'll send you the details. I'm offering this because if you sign up using me as reference, I also qualify for the Tell a Friend bonus, and well, I'm a greedy SOB ;) Not sure if it caters to Americans though, but anyone else is welcome to try it. I would be very appreciative if you do use my link, that you also tell them I sent you for the Tell a Friend bonus. Then you can also use it to spread the work and build up your own rolls.

You can be sure I'm going to be blogging about my successes, but I'm also going to blogging about all the issues and problems I may or may not have, as well as any failures I experience using this system. Stay tuned.

In other news...Mom's b'day with this past week. She sounds good, but I can tell she's getting tired. Dad is doing okay, but the limits he is under is preventing him from doing his share of the day to day stuff and Mom is doing her best to pick up the slack, and its starting to wear on her. I worry of course, but there's not much I can do right now. I will have to plan a trip up to see them very soon.

That's about it for now. See you in a week or so.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Satellite Seat Win

Well maybe my luck is changing around finally.

Just won a seat into a 7500euro prize pool game for next Sunday. I think I would just as soon taken the second prize, only a 7e difference really. The format is good for that game though, 10,000 chips with 20min blinds. Just not sure if I want to play it, or unregister and take the tournament credits instead. The way I've been getting knocked around lately, just might be my better alternative. They haven't listed the breakdown yet, but I"m assuming first pays out about 2500e or something close to it. I got a week to decide, just can't forget to unregister in time, that's all. Right now, I have no plans for next Sunday, I just don't know if I should play and risk it on ONE tournament, or just take the credits and use them over several.

Surprised I even won it to tell you the truth. Played well, but been taking massive beats on that site the last while. Its not P*, but the way the bad beats are rolling lately, I could swear its the same software!! When we got headsup, I offered allin blind next hand since the prizes were about the same for first and second, and my opponent agreed. I get 103os to his 107os. I was waiting for second place when I hit a 3 on the river and stole it from him. But he did say he would half prefer the cash anyway, so it was decent deal for us both.

Called Dad last week and talked to him for a few minutes on my way home from work. Man, does he sound weak. Just tired, like he had been overdoing it, but according to Mom, he hasn't been. Doctors told him he couldn't lift anymore than 5lbs. Told him I know the size of fish he catches so that shouldn't be an issue at all. Called me a smart ass for that one ;) Mom and Dad are up to Dave's place this long weekend, Dad plans on going ice fishing and Mom plans on doing nothing at all. She's beat just trying to keep up to things all by herself I guess. Wish I could be up there to help out more, but it just can't be done right now, and she says she's fine anyway.

Still keeping to the budget I created, but it hasn't been that hard really. I KNEW Feb would be a tight month anyway, and if you don't have the money for extras, you cant' spend it. The phone hasn't been ringing lately with people looking for payment either, so I guess that's a 'so far so good' thing. Really won't have a lot of extra monies until next month, and whatever there will be will have to go into truck repairs and maintenance. Ada has a few summer camps coming up this year too that need to be paid now as well, so I'll have to budget that into March/April as well.

One thing I'm trying to do to help the Scout Camp budget is working the bingos. The troop works at a bingo place a couple times a month for fund raising, and any parent that helps out gets so many credits on account for stuff like camps and what not for their kid. Used to do them all the time couple of years ago, but didn't do any until last week. The format has changed now, so I don't have to do any running on the floor, and it makes it a longer night cause we're not as busy, but if it gets my kid to camp for little or no money, what the hell.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

February; the WORST month of the year!

Well, its been awhile. Life just gets in the way of things sometimes.

Spent the past couple of weeks OFF line. Was getting pounded everywhere and just thought I would stop for awhile, try to regroup my thoughts a bit. Spent most of the last couple of weeks doing up a budget too. It isn't fancy, but its something I think I can commit to. The bills have been getting a bit high lately, and I needed to make a plan to get things back under control again. February is going to be very tight, but things should loosen up a bit in March going forward enough to get my line of credit down a bit. All I have to do is make the plan happen. Sounds easy, but I know I have to commit to it.

Action on The Hill has been very slow this season. I guess it just isn't a good time to start a new season, right after the holidays. In the past, the last game was usually well into January, and after a short break, everyone was ready to play again. Attendance was good because everyone wanted to get those extra points and play the SET money, so getting a game together was relatively easy. But starting a new season in the first of the year has proven more of a struggle this time. Players have other priorities this time of year, and the weather and road conditions make it more difficult for the out-of-towners to make it every week. We've only had two official games so far...going to be a long season that's for sure. Darryl is still on about the Vegas trip in April, and as much as I would love to go, after doing the budget recently, I don't think its feasible. Oh, its definitely possible, I should be in much better shape financially by then, but I believe it will be just too soon and I don't believe it would be a good decision to make just yet. I want to get more ahead of everything before I expense something like that.

Haven't talked to Mom or Dad lately either. I'll try calling them later, so what's been happening. No news is good news though, so I just assume that nothing much has changed. Still can't believe the specialist can't see him until end of March, but I guess if there is nothing he can do for Dad, there's no reason to go see him. Hopefully the new medication will do its job and loosen the blockage up enough for him to get back to his day to day stuff.

Kid is at a camp this weekend, her first REAL winter camp. She has no idea how cold it can get, and her packing was quite light considering. Yea, its supposed to be mild this weekend, but you still have to prepare for the conditions. She can get so aggressive and she definitely has a rather mature ability to push buttons, more so than her real act should give her. She has a talent for pissing her parents off though, that's a fact. Oh, she did get an A in her science fair project. "THE SCIENCE OF WATCHING PAINT DRY". Really. Wow.

Nothing happening on the job front lately. Haven't visited the sites much lately either. Things at work are not much better, but at least it appears that the CEO is finally seeing the can't build and ship ontime if you can't start ontime. He's loosening up the wallet a bit more this week, hopefully he will continue that trend. And all it took was our biggest customer screaming for better delivery, and threatening to pull work away. Not sure why he seemed so surprised they would do that.