Monday, February 16, 2009

Satellite Seat Win

Well maybe my luck is changing around finally.

Just won a seat into a 7500euro prize pool game for next Sunday. I think I would just as soon taken the second prize, only a 7e difference really. The format is good for that game though, 10,000 chips with 20min blinds. Just not sure if I want to play it, or unregister and take the tournament credits instead. The way I've been getting knocked around lately, just might be my better alternative. They haven't listed the breakdown yet, but I"m assuming first pays out about 2500e or something close to it. I got a week to decide, just can't forget to unregister in time, that's all. Right now, I have no plans for next Sunday, I just don't know if I should play and risk it on ONE tournament, or just take the credits and use them over several.

Surprised I even won it to tell you the truth. Played well, but been taking massive beats on that site the last while. Its not P*, but the way the bad beats are rolling lately, I could swear its the same software!! When we got headsup, I offered allin blind next hand since the prizes were about the same for first and second, and my opponent agreed. I get 103os to his 107os. I was waiting for second place when I hit a 3 on the river and stole it from him. But he did say he would half prefer the cash anyway, so it was decent deal for us both.

Called Dad last week and talked to him for a few minutes on my way home from work. Man, does he sound weak. Just tired, like he had been overdoing it, but according to Mom, he hasn't been. Doctors told him he couldn't lift anymore than 5lbs. Told him I know the size of fish he catches so that shouldn't be an issue at all. Called me a smart ass for that one ;) Mom and Dad are up to Dave's place this long weekend, Dad plans on going ice fishing and Mom plans on doing nothing at all. She's beat just trying to keep up to things all by herself I guess. Wish I could be up there to help out more, but it just can't be done right now, and she says she's fine anyway.

Still keeping to the budget I created, but it hasn't been that hard really. I KNEW Feb would be a tight month anyway, and if you don't have the money for extras, you cant' spend it. The phone hasn't been ringing lately with people looking for payment either, so I guess that's a 'so far so good' thing. Really won't have a lot of extra monies until next month, and whatever there will be will have to go into truck repairs and maintenance. Ada has a few summer camps coming up this year too that need to be paid now as well, so I'll have to budget that into March/April as well.

One thing I'm trying to do to help the Scout Camp budget is working the bingos. The troop works at a bingo place a couple times a month for fund raising, and any parent that helps out gets so many credits on account for stuff like camps and what not for their kid. Used to do them all the time couple of years ago, but didn't do any until last week. The format has changed now, so I don't have to do any running on the floor, and it makes it a longer night cause we're not as busy, but if it gets my kid to camp for little or no money, what the hell.

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