Saturday, February 7, 2009

February; the WORST month of the year!

Well, its been awhile. Life just gets in the way of things sometimes.

Spent the past couple of weeks OFF line. Was getting pounded everywhere and just thought I would stop for awhile, try to regroup my thoughts a bit. Spent most of the last couple of weeks doing up a budget too. It isn't fancy, but its something I think I can commit to. The bills have been getting a bit high lately, and I needed to make a plan to get things back under control again. February is going to be very tight, but things should loosen up a bit in March going forward enough to get my line of credit down a bit. All I have to do is make the plan happen. Sounds easy, but I know I have to commit to it.

Action on The Hill has been very slow this season. I guess it just isn't a good time to start a new season, right after the holidays. In the past, the last game was usually well into January, and after a short break, everyone was ready to play again. Attendance was good because everyone wanted to get those extra points and play the SET money, so getting a game together was relatively easy. But starting a new season in the first of the year has proven more of a struggle this time. Players have other priorities this time of year, and the weather and road conditions make it more difficult for the out-of-towners to make it every week. We've only had two official games so far...going to be a long season that's for sure. Darryl is still on about the Vegas trip in April, and as much as I would love to go, after doing the budget recently, I don't think its feasible. Oh, its definitely possible, I should be in much better shape financially by then, but I believe it will be just too soon and I don't believe it would be a good decision to make just yet. I want to get more ahead of everything before I expense something like that.

Haven't talked to Mom or Dad lately either. I'll try calling them later, so what's been happening. No news is good news though, so I just assume that nothing much has changed. Still can't believe the specialist can't see him until end of March, but I guess if there is nothing he can do for Dad, there's no reason to go see him. Hopefully the new medication will do its job and loosen the blockage up enough for him to get back to his day to day stuff.

Kid is at a camp this weekend, her first REAL winter camp. She has no idea how cold it can get, and her packing was quite light considering. Yea, its supposed to be mild this weekend, but you still have to prepare for the conditions. She can get so aggressive and she definitely has a rather mature ability to push buttons, more so than her real act should give her. She has a talent for pissing her parents off though, that's a fact. Oh, she did get an A in her science fair project. "THE SCIENCE OF WATCHING PAINT DRY". Really. Wow.

Nothing happening on the job front lately. Haven't visited the sites much lately either. Things at work are not much better, but at least it appears that the CEO is finally seeing the can't build and ship ontime if you can't start ontime. He's loosening up the wallet a bit more this week, hopefully he will continue that trend. And all it took was our biggest customer screaming for better delivery, and threatening to pull work away. Not sure why he seemed so surprised they would do that.

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