Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great Site!!

I've added a banner on the left hand side for an amazing learning site for poker. I don't care if you're an advanced player or a total newbie to the game, this site is amazing. is filled with all kinds of great learning tools from beginner to advanced, has an unparalleled video section for all levels, and offers online live coaching on all the more popular sites. It is also possible to customize your education to your wants. Cash games (limit and no limit), SNG's, MTT's, Omaha, whatever you want to learn, its available for you. And best of all, its free to join.

Just click on the banner and tell them STR82ACE sent you ;) You will NOT regret it!

Hell, take the initial quiz and they'll even GIVE you $50 to start with on the site of your choice. How can you go wrong?? Well, okay, refuse to learn to play or use their resources, you CAN lose, but if you apply yourself to their resources you can't help but become a better player.

Saying all that, it doesn't stop the beats from happening. This week, I'm down a bit but after looking at my stats on the software they offer (also free of charge), I discovered that I most of the time, I went in way ahead, only to be sucked out on. A few times I offered played medium pocket pairs and learned the hard way that I should have folded, and I didn't win a race with QQ vs AK all week, but over all, I'm good with what I am learning from this site.

Took a horrible beat at the weekly league game very early in the tournament. I'm dealt AA on the button. Couple of limpers, and I raise to 40 (blinds are 5/10 still, first level). SB raises me to 100 and the limpers all fold. Now, history with this SB is that he is very aggressive, and if he is in a pot, he's going to be play it hard from start to finish, and his range is all over the map. He plays a ton of hands, and often has trouble folding draws. I WANT his raise. Gets back to me and I re raise to 400! Its a big bet, but I'm always happy to take down a small pot preflop with AA anytime. He ponders for a bit, and eventually calls. Flop comes down 862 rainbow so its pretty safe board. I bet out 600 and before I get my chips out, he pushes for another 560. I know he's either got 66 or 88, and either hand SHOULD have folded to my re reaise, but I couldn't pull out, not with that pot. I called, he showed 66 and won with trips...absolutely sick. But I still want that call every time.

Weather lately is starting to tease. One day is very mild and warm, the next the bottom of the thermometer drops out. Typical end of February type of stuff. Every time I head out to the porch for a smoke, I see my golf clubs there, just waiting patiently for spring to happen. Can't wait to get back into the game. Come on spring time.

We might be moving to a new building at work. Had a lot of real estate people coming in this week to look over the place, I guess the lease is up soon and they are considering moving to a smaller facility that isn't costing so much. Found out we're currently paying $12.50/sqft for the current place, and frankly, we're being raped! There are decent places out there for anywhere from $5 to $7.50 that will suffice our needs, and with the amount of empty space we have now, its just a waste of money. We'll see what happens, but I have to think the current lease holder is going to become much more open to negotiations now than the past few years. With this economy, they would be stupid to think they can get that kind of capital anymore.

Anyway, enough for now. Check out that site I told you about...its well worth the few minutes and won't cost a cent. Good luck.

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