Saturday, March 7, 2009

Long Road Ahead

Very frustrating to be a poker player sometimes. The education I'm getting is by far some of the best available for me right now and the first thing I have to keep reminding myself everytime I play a session is that variance is to be expected and to focus on long term gain. Its more difficult than you might think though when your opponents are either totally donkeys or more advanced than you are. Or just plan luckier than you.

Since I joined I was focusing too much on quick advancement and not enough on playing the game correctly. I wanted to get into Silver ranking so much, I often overlooked the very basics of the game, and as such, my bankroll took a huge hit. I posted my frustration on the forum, and one of the mods gave me the best piece of advise...don't concentrate on advancing too quickly. This game takes a long time to learn properly. Focus on making the right plays with the right cards at the right time, and be sure to focus on managing the bankroll correctly. As such, I moved down to the lowest possible limits as dictated by my shrinking bankroll, and I'm focusing on improving my game. Interesting to note that doing that has actually improved my bankroll somewhat already. Still got a ways to go before its at the level it should be, but it is improving...SLOWLY. And that's the way it should be done. I'll post the March graph (if I can figure out how) at the end of the month.

Got my daughter's report card for the second term. Oh my God! I'm not going into details here, other than the fact that I can't believe that one replacement teacher covering for a maternity leave has had such a negative impact on my child's education. My daughter is VERY intelligent, but you wouldn't know it by seeing a 20% drop in her average since Christmas. I'm very upset, but I'm not sure if its directed correctly. I think I overacted a bit against my kid and should maybe focus on directing it at this one teacher more. Apparently, all the kids have suffered this term in her class, and to me, that's a direct measure of the teacher and not the students. Then the teacher has the nerve to say the my daughter should read more at home. MY DAUGHTER??? Read MORE??? She is NEVER without a book as it is. Her love of reading goes all the way back to her learning to walk and talk, and I don't know of a single child that reads more than she does. It just proves my suspicions that this teacher really has no clue about the kids in her class whatsoever. Teacher interview coming up, to be sure.

Anyway, just a short one today. Been going over my stats and playing history the past few days and seeing if I can find anything I can improve on for the next week. Might play for a while later too, we'll see.

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