Sunday, March 29, 2009

Struggling a bit this past week. Reviewing my graph, it seems that when I do lose, I lose big time. Build up a nice pot, than usually getting sucked out on, or total misread. Mind you, I do tend to rebound a bit to the break even point, but its taking a lot of work to do it.

Noticing that after a bad beat or losing a big hand, I'm tilting a little bit. I'm starting to work on that now, getting up and walking away for a few minutes, have a smoke or just go outside and calm down before I continue playing. Even when I get beat, and I know I did nothing wrong, I try to calm myself verbally, but regardless, I seem to start making risky plays and that's making the tilt response even worse. Have to reign that in somehow.

I've sent Brent an email today asking if he is still interested in coaching me. He offered awhile ago, but lately we've kind of lost touch with each other. Used to play his games all the time, but he hasn't been holding them or if he has been, I haven't been getting notified of them. Found a site where I can record my sessions too, that way I can send him the file and he can see exactly how I'm playing instead of just using the hand histories. I can also send him player data as well so he can compare my play against different types of players.

Anyway, not much else to report on. Like I said, struggling a bit, but not too too bad. Haven't made it to Silver level yet, still need like 25pts to get there, but man, I'm really itching to read those articles and review the videos.

next week

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