Friday, April 10, 2009

The effects of Tilt, and making a Video

Had an absolutely BRUTAL session a week or so ago. Was doing okay for the first hour, but then everything went to hell. QQ got hammered by some donk overplaying 74o and hitting a straight just got it started. Before you know it, I'm down three or four buyins in total in the span of less than 20 hands. I haven't updated my graph yet, but I'll post it soon and you can surely see the impact it had on me. Sick. Managing to slowly build it up again, but what a chore. Gotta learn to take these as they come and realize its just a game, but man, it was harsh.

Downloaded some new software that is giving me the oppurtunity to record my sessions. I think this is great, not only for my own use, but I can forward them to my coach for him to critique me on my play. Having a problem with compressing them, but when I get that figured out, I'm sending him my sessions once a week about 1/2 hr each, and waiting to hear back from him. Hopefully this will catapult my game to the next level even more quickly.

Took second place last night in the league game. Shocking considering I barely played a hand all night. But when I did, bluff or big hand, managed to get them paid off just the way I wanted them too. Unfortunately, QQ on a AK7 flop can only spell disaster, and it doomed me to second place. Still quite happy with the way I played though.

Weather is finally starting to warm up a bit now. Hoping the links will open up soon and I can get out and hit a few balls. I KNOW it will horrible after the winter off, but I'm still looking forward to getting out more.

Last weekend I was asked to deal at a stag for a friend, and met this girl that organizes special events. She was looking for dealers and tournament directors and took my name and number for future contact. Got me thinking if I had enough tables, I could maybe hook up with a couple of event directors and lease myself to them for some extra coin. We'll see what happens, just a thought right now.

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