Sunday, April 26, 2009

April's Graph, Freeroll, and GO BRUINS GO!

My graph to date for April. You can notice exactly when I went on tilt too. I'm trying to reduce the occurrences as much as possible, but its not easy. Overall, the bankroll is growing, but been taking some work to get it there. I build up a nice stack each session, then get a bad beat most times to lose it all in one hand. Then takes a few orbits to get things back under control. One hand today had me tilting...get KhKc on the puck and raise it 4x, get the bb to call me cold. Flop comes down 10J6 two hearts and I'm thinking I'm golden. BB bets out smallish and I raise 3x his bet and he cold calls. Okay, a flush draw, but I have a ton of outs. Turn comes down a garbage 3offsuit and he checks to me. I make a pot sized bet, and he insta shoves into me. I call and show my kings...and he has a lousy AJo, no heart. Yep, Ace on the river and he wins the hand. Sick play. I did give him a note though. Next time, buddy, next time.

I've registered to play in my first freeroll on PokerStrategy on Titan Poker. Its the Silver level game and has a $5000 prize pool, top 100 pay, limited to 1000 players. Filled up FAST too, was lucky to get into it. Play starts soon, less than an hour, so I've logged off the cash tables and getting ready for tournament play now. Different mind set altogether, and need to regroup my thoughts before I start.

BOSTON SWEEPS THE HABS!!! Is there anything sweeter to the ears of a Bruins fan than those four words? I think not. Great job take it all the way to the Cup! My banner is in the window! Hard to be a Bruins fan in a Leaf town, but I'm not the only one. Seems one of the new neighbors is also a fan. Going to have to get to know them better, already seem to be smart people ;)

It came to me late this week...this weekend is opening weekend for trout fishing. Now how the HELL did I miss that?? I can't remember the last opener I missed. Oh well, never do well on the first weekend anyway. Yep...that's sour grapes right there...damn my poker hobby. The weather hasn't been the greatest either, and I have yet to get the golf clubs out for a round. Hopefully soon though.

Anyway, going to start to get ready for the freeroll now.

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