Saturday, May 2, 2009

A profitable end to April; A profitable OOPS in May

April ended on a high note for me. Sat down for about an hour the other night on four tables and in no time, I tripled up on three of them. I do love it when you hit cards ;) Only hand that cost me was the last one, when my QQ ran into AK and villain won the race.

Wish I could spend more time online and really try to build the bankroll, but all I can do is MAYBE 10 hrs a week. But its a profitable 10hrs a week, so that's positive. My bankroll from the original $50 I got is now at $150. I do like that, a nice positive upswing. The site is great, It has so much info and great information, and it doesn't cost a dime. Win-Win-Win.

Took the kid to a Scout camp last night, and when I got home I decided to play a couple of SNG's on Supreme before I called it night. Was planning on only playing a couple of 5euro shorthanded sng's, but the last one, I misread the buyin and didn't realize it until the table opened up. I took a look at the prize payout, and it said top two, first 175euro, second 75euro. WTF?? Why so much? I accidentally registered in a 50euro shorthanded game!!! Now, I have over 300euro in that account, with about 55euro in tournament bucks. It came out of my tournament buck account, but that still is my bankroll. From the moment I caught my mistake, I started to fire every brain cell in my head to apply my BEST effort to this game. Made no mistakes, was the chip leader for the better part of four levels, then catch AKs in bb. Get four limpers, so I raise it big, 7 or 8x bb. Get one caller, so I'm now oop, but the flop comes Kxx. I bet out 2/3 pot, get cold called. Turn is blank, raise it pot sized this time. After a second, villain pushes into me. I have him covered by about 700 chips, so I call. He shows KQo and I'm way ahead. River is Q!! Damn it!!! Down to 700 chips, with blinds 100/200. But I hung in there, played very well, and take some very nice pots by pushing in position. Before the next level starts, I'm back up to about 15bb, and back in the fight. Finally get headsup with the guy who sucked out on me. Second or third hand in, I'm dealt 99, first to act, and raise it 4xbb. He 4 bets me, and I go all in. He calls me with KQ again, and hits his damn Q on the river again. Sigh. But I put forth my best effort and made an OOPS profitable by 25euros, so I'm happy with the result.

Lesson learned...PAY ATTENTION!! When you're tired, double check the buyin!! Stupid mistake, could have hurt me big time.

Brenda has the place completely converted into a sewing room, making costumes for the kids' play next week. I feel like I have fallen into Zinger Hell!! Pieces of costumes, needles, thread...everywhere you its all going end next week. Play is next week.

Just got off the phone with Mom. Dad is in the hospital again up at my brother's place. Was complaining of bad chest pain, and they ended up giving him about a dozen shots of nitro. Now they say he has fluid in the lungs, so they're keeping him in until that clears up. Hang in there Dad!

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