Saturday, June 20, 2009


Last night, I played Steve's game in Orangeville. He hosts a decent game, with anywhere from 30 to 40 players most times...last night, he kept it to 30 to keep the time frame. Since he'll be heading to Vegas to play a couple of events ($1500) he used the blinds for the events, for practice. Must say, I do like that structure...40min blinds, 4500 in chips. Very nice. I went expecting to play until at least final table...but the poker gods hate me this week.

First level, about 12min in, I get AQ in the bb. Steve raises from LP but I've played Steve enough to know he'll open with just about anything in that position. I cold call him, and everyone else folds. Flop comes down KQ10. I bet out and get raised by Steve. Okay, again, I know he likes to 3bet too, so I just cold call his raise. He could also hit hard too, and I expected to see AK here. Turn comes down a rag that puts two hearts on board, I have the Ah. I check, and he puts out 1000. Thinking I can still suck out here, I call again. The river brings another 10 an now I'm scared. It goes check/check, and Steve shows trip Kings. Yep, he could have anything alright, didn't expect a set though.

About 10min later, I'm dealt KK and raise it to 200. Gets reraised by a guy I've never played before to 650, who just took down a nice pot with AA. It gets folded to me, and I count out chips, and see I only have enough for a bit better than a nice 3bet, so I push all in. Yep...he has AA again. But the hard part was the flop...K10A...I'm out in two hands and have to sit and wait for my ride, who bubbled. With those blinds, it was a long wait. Cooler hands...whatchagointado?

Graham from has started up a new site...Fuzion Poker...and has asked me to write some blogs and articles for him. I've written a few already, and he originally told me $10 per post. Anyway, he asks me for an invoice and I email me what I had done. He comes back to me and says since my posts were of good length and well written, he's going to give me $15 per post. SWEET. So I had him do a direct deposit into PokerStars and now I have a bit of a bankroll to play with. Been playing some $3.30 SnG's, and so far got it up to $185 in the past few days, so I'm happy about that. Using the system for SnG's...seems to be working so far.

Haven't played a lot of cash games lately. Been taking a bit of a beating. Was up to about $300 on Titan, but now its down to $250 again. I was play .05/.10 NL but I think I'll move back down for awhile and build up again a bit before I tackle that level again. Its been a battle to keep my cards live, especially in 6man games. Dont' know if its me, the way I'm playing, or just can't seem to get anything to stick for me. Haven't reviewed my Elephant in awhile, so maybe I'll spend some time going over that before I restart too.

Was sick awhile ago, and took some time off work. The one day, I went on Supreme and played a $3 rebuy with 115 players...and won it!!! My first MTT online win, for about $400 in total. Very nice, but I got damn lucky on that final table. More than once too.

Customer golf tournament was this week. Now I've only gone out once before this year, and it really sucked. This was much better, hitting par. Made a beautiful drive on 18, and followed with a 3hybrid to be on the green in two on a par 5. Unfortunately, one of the guys in the group ahead of us saw it, went back to the green, and hammered it back up the fairway at us, buggers. Pissed me off.

Starting the next league season next week. Jesus, didn't think it had been three months already...didn't mean for the break to be that long. Hope I get them coming out again though...could use the practice. Going to be tough financially too...times are really hurting for me lately, but I'm hoping it will come around in July for me again. We'll see.

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