Friday, June 5, 2009

Up & Down

May was ugly.

I had gone from a nice high and then lose it all, only to rebuild again and again hit a downswing. Not sure what the issue is, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I didn't keep tabs on my performance for the month at all. I purposefully didn't review my data at all for the month, some stupid little experiment of mine that showed me that by NOT reviewing constantly, I easily slip into the old habits...calling OOP, raising weak hands, chasing...things I thought I had a handle on but guess I don't. WAKE UP MAN.

Been home sick the most of this week, and only feel up to playing today, but not cash games. So I logged onto Supreme and played a 3.30euro mtt. Was pretty much card dead the whole game too, until the final table where I picked up some nice pots and make some good moves to stay in the game. And wouldn't you know it...I won it!!! Came out to be just under $400cdn for the win...nice little boost to the old bankroll, thank you very much. Signed up for another one, 1euro this time, and just after the rebuy period, I get AA. Have one limper in front, so I raise it up 6x bb, thinking it should be enough to drive everyone out. Nope, originally limper calls me being oop. Flop comes down 7810, all clubs, and I have the ace of clubs. She checks, I bet out a pot sized raise, thinking even if she has a flush or straight, I still have outs to the nut flush. Turn pairs the 7 and she checks again. I push with everything I have left, she has me covered, its a do or die move. She wastes every possible second and I think I'm golden...she calls...NUT STRAIGHT FLUSH on the flop!!! Slow rolled me bad. Ace on the river gives me a boat but it isn't enough. God I hate being slow rolled.

Still, it was a good day off work all in all I guess. Made some money playing a format I don't normally play which is good.

WSOP is on now. Someday, I want to make it to Vegas...never been...and no better time for a player like me to want to go than during the World Series of Poker. Maybe next year, this year, financially, just isn't feasible. Maybe next year...sigh. Steve is going again, hope he does better than last year. He managed to cash last year, so I'm hoping for a higher position for him. He has the skill, just needs the luck now.

Crazy game this poker. Crazy Crazy game.

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