Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ching Hill, Christmas Dinner, and .05/.10 Limit

The league is just wrapping up its tenth season, and the final game is being played next week. Must say, I"m not happy with my performance this season at all. Chumped out four times, only monied twice, and my frustration at being sucked out on the river is just making it tough lately. Seem to be having a tough time making it through the games lately. Think it has to do with stress from work and everything from the last three months, making it tough to concentrate and make good decisions on the felt. That, and the level of play at the games is noticeably higher too. Steve, Darryl, Garry, and Chris are all excellent players and tough to beat at the best of times, and Kris's game has come along way too lately. Through Eleanor, Derek and Justin in there and the field is a challenge to be sure. Still, I usually do okay at the SET game, so I'll be playing my A game to be sure.

Just getting ready to head up to Mount Forest for the in-law Christmas dinner this afternoon. A bit early, but suits me just fine. There are a lot of other commitments to deal with during the holidays and its nice to get this one out of the way early. They're deep frying the turkey this year, and I've never had that, so it'll be a new experience. Small gift exchange to happen too, and of course, they'll want to play some kind of card game afterwards. Most like euchre of cribbage. Should I take up my chip set or not?? Hate taking their money, but I'm not totally above doing it either ;)

Been taking alot of beatings playing my normal NL levels lately, mostly due to really bad play on my part, so I thought I would donk around the low limit games on PokerStars for a bit. Man, now that's fun. I've been multi tabling four tables and playing everything suited, everything connected, gapped connected, any ace...and just throwing money into the middle. Must say, its a great way to blow off some steam from all the really lousy playing I've been doing. I don't have much bankroll on this site, but the few times I've played so far this week, I've increased my bankroll by 20% already!! WOOHOO!!!

Time to get ready to head to MF now. Turkey turkey turkey...yum!

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