Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reflections: 2008

Time to sit back and reflect on what the year has been like, so here goes.

First, I should say it was a pretty decent Christmas overall. Didn't really get a lot of stuff, but what I did get was pretty cool nonetheless. Got the Aliens Quadrology set, and wouldn't you know it...they were showing all the Alien movies on the Movie Network yesterday. Had to laugh at that. The highlight of the day was seeing my daughters face when she discovered she did indeed get a cell phone. You see, every year, Santa leaves an unwrapped gift under the tree for everyone, and its usually something that has been requested. My daughter had cell phone on the top of her list, so she was really hoping for it to be there Christmas morning from Santa. When she went downstairs and saw only a set of new earphones, I could almost hear her heart crack. We only open up the rest of the presents when everyone arrives, and this year, everyone was a bit later getting in, so it was like 2pm before we were opening up the rest of the gifts. I immediately went up stairs and dialed her cell phone number and waited to hear her reaction. Apparently, she hesitated, and her brother finally said, 'look, your dad is upstairs for no reason, and now the tree is ringing...WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS?' She got under the tree, started to throw other non ringing gifts aside, and finally found the source of the ringing. I went back downstairs, and saw the smile on her face. Yep, that's what Christmas is all about. Glad I could do that for her.

Okay, 2008...what's it been like?

For the most part, it was pretty decent. One wedding (my stepson and his bride had a wonderful wedding back in September), no funerals, no serious injuries, and only one trip to the emergency room (that was me, kidney stone...let me tell you something, if you never had a kidney stone, don't! No greater pain in the world can a man experience). So all in all, a pretty good year.

Poker wise, it could have been better. Only really played my own league tournaments mostly, but the one underground game I did do I profited over a grand. Gotta love the players who think that because they watch the games on tv, they know it all. Had two such donks at my table, and I was hitting good cards, and felted them both, only to have the rebuy again and felt them AGAIN a hour later. SWEET! Haven't been back there since though, and I really should make it out more often. No casino trips this year either, just haven't had the time or the bankroll to do it, but it is on my 2009 list to do. And online, well, that's a different story. Other than some low level donkaments, the only real victory online is a couple of MTT cashes on Supreme. Mind you the bankroll there has tripled this year, but honestly, I don't get the buzz I used to playing online anymore. Some guys in my league are talking about heading to Vegas in April to play in a couple of bigger events, and the prices right now for the trip are very good. Would love to be able to do, never been to Vegas, and I would like the chance to go, but with other factors in play, I doubt I can make it happen.

Hence, my work life. Its been hell this year. I honestly don't see a future with my current employer. The environment used to be fun and challenging, but lately there have been just too many damn financial restrictions in place that are preventing me from doing my job to the best of my abilitities. I'm not having fun, I'm not feeling like an essential part of the whole anymore, and my concerns and issues are being ignored or downplayed. I'm being overlooked, and there is just no future for me here any longer. I've been looking, and hopefully, something else will come my way in the new year. Not going to be easy though, not at the pay scale I'm looking at anyway. I'm not going to go cheap yet, don't have to risk that YET, but my salary is very good right now, and frankly, in this economic crisis, most employers are looking for someone just like me, only not so damn expensive.

I guess my golf game was pretty good this year overall, considering I'm still a newbie to the game. Broke 100 in July, and that was positive. I enjoy getting out to play a round now and then, and I AM getting better. I guess my 2009 goal would be the 90 mark. My brother Dave has invited me to visit his place sometime next year, and to bring my clubs, fishing rod, and poker money. He MIGHT be able to kick my ass in golf, but if he thinks for a second he can out do me in fishing or poker...well, little brother, time for your re education! ;)

I actually signed up recently for a fly swap, something I haven't done in like 5 years. Used to tie flies regularly, but got out of it and never really even set the vice up. But I was hoping to get back into fly fishing next year, and I think this would be a decent start to rekindle the fishing flame I used to have. I've already got a couple of guys on the Hipwader forum offering to take me out to some of their favorite spots next season. Be nice to get out more than the once I did this past year.

So the Christmas Chaos is over for another year, and its time to look forward again. I'll post next week about what I hope the 2009 seasons will offer me, and what I'll be prepared to do to get there.

Still...that April Vegas trip DOES sound VERY inviting...hmmmmmmmmmm

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