Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting Chilly

In a lot of different ways, things are getting more and more chilly lately. Weather aside, which definitely has the bite of winter.

A headhunter actually called my boss this week to ask for a reference. Not a great way for him to find out I was looking for a job, I must say. At least the headhunter called me afterwards to explain and advise, I guess my boss took it hard and flipped out on him. Went upstairs to talk to him, and eventually calmed him down a bit, but he's still not happy to hear I'm looking. Honestly, why was he so surprised anyway? Things aren't getting better on the floor, and the outlook is grim still. He tried to tell me there was $22m on the books for next year, but I told him it meant zero if we couldn't afford to pay suppliers and get material in the door now to fill those orders. Every one of our suppliers has us on credit hold and/or COD Only, and its making it extremely difficult to get production started ontime. Frustration rules my day to day work life, and I know in three to six months, they'll all be looking at me for answers on why jobs aren't finished on time. Well, duh.

So things at work have been stressful to say the least. I"m short with almost everyone, only because they are asking for impossible tasks to be completed while spending nothing. I've had a couple of hits on my resume, and have a phone interview this afternoon with that company from last week that only met me for a few minutes. Apparently, they are still interested, but the HR Manager has been out of the country, and this is the only time he has available. Still, if it leads to another interview next week, I'll go for it. Its a bit of a drive to and from, but I'll entertain their offer and make a call. The benefit package is VERY good anyway.

Still getting hits from out west too. Nothing solid yet, but at least my resume is getting looked at out there. Who knows, maybe I'll be moving out west. Who would have thought that?

My poker game is still suffering, but I've come to the conclusion that it isn't because of me making bad calls or reads. My weekly game, I had a great oppurtunity to bust out the season champ when he check/raised me all in with KJ on a J82 board. I insta called him with AJ in my hand, only to have him hit his three outer on the river when another King came out. Good read on my part, bad luck on the river. Other than this game, I haven't been playing much, either live or online. I've qualified to play Bill's big game at the end of the year, so I'll be playing in that game, good payout too if I can hang on to the money. I would love to get out to his game more often, but right now things are just too tight.

Started Christmas shopping last week. Didn't get a lot yet, but at least I've started. Next weekend will be the serious outing. But I'm afraid that its still going to be a dry holiday. I just hope I don't disappoint Ada and Brenda too much if they don't find what they're looking for. Ada has made it easy to know what she wants, but a cell phone and laptop just might not be in the works this season. Brenda, well, me and the boys have a plan, just hope it can happen. Other than that, I have no clue what to get her...never do really. Not even sure what the family plans are for the holidays. I'm hoping the boys and Sarah make it down on Christmas Day. I think my family Christmas is at my brother's in Cambridge on Boxing Day but I have to confirm that still.

Time to prepare for my phone interview this afternoon.

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